Voice of Lisa Simpson launches high heel collection

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It’s Happy Birthday today to Yeardley Smith, who has been the voice of Lisa Simpson since the wildly successful show the Simpsons debuted way back in  1987. And what better way to celebrate than with a sneak-peek at Yeardley’s newly launched brand of high heels?

The brand is called Marchez Vous (meaning “you walk” in French), and Yeardley says her mission is to marry beauty with comfort. In fact, she says that for heels to make her collection they must pass no fewer than five tests: they have to be comfortable, sexy, witty, unexpected and timeless!

The French brand name is a nod to Yeardley’s country of birth (that’s right; she was born in France) and the shoes in the Marchez Vous collection for fall 2011 are also all named for French connections. Featured above is a claret Capucine, a reference to the French actress and model best known for her comedic role in The Pink Panther.

There are some more pictures from the brand’s first collection in the gallery below. Some are available for pre-order from the Marchez Vous website, and others are still to come. However, if you’re looking for a bargain, look elsewhere. The Capucine costs $425 and other heels are around that price too. It’s not a bad side-earner for a voice actor who is reported to earn around $400,000 for each episode of the Simpsons,  but whether Marchez Vous reaches the lofty heights of the TV show remains to be seen.