Cinderella’s Alibi by Angela Makeever

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Model Angela Makeever wrote this poem to address the age-old question “Why Do Women Wear High Heels?” The accompanying image is courtesy of Doina Ciobanu, whose fabulous fashion blog is called The Golden Diamonds.

Cinderella’s Alibi

I like the tick and tock of the walk
Left over right follows the line of chalk.
Hips sway a mother’s lullaby,
Advertising a lover’s potiential sigh.

It’s the power of an elevated view.
At an equal eye level when I shakes hands with you.
Red, yellow, or polka dotted,
Tick-tock, tick-tock I have been spotted.

Stridding long, yet gracefully these shoes demand.
I wear them for me, and whomever is at hand.
Oh shoes, how I have grown to love you.


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