Feet for a queen wedges – Kryz Uy

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Check out these feet for a queen wedges, modeled by Kryz Uy from thirsty thought. We quizzed Kryz about these beauties, and found her highly approving:

I love the leather and wood combination that the heel has. Despite the strong material contrast, the wedge looks perfectly subtle and cohesive because of the neutral pantones. It’s subtly chic without going overboard. A style I love so much 🙂

Here’s a couple of more pictures of Kryz, this time with these wedges just peeking out from under a Romwe skirt. For more information on this outfit and more pictures, check out the Sheer story post on her blog.

More about Kryz: Kryz is a blogger, stylist, editor and model and can be found blogging at thirstythought,  networking on Facebook and Twitter and showing her latest looks on her Lookbook page.


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