Pauline’s surprising, magical green heels

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Pauline of Pauline knows a pair of stunning Manie high heels when she sees them, and she’s not planning on stopping at one pair either. Pauline told us:

What I love about these magical green heels is that they are always very surprising and if you play right with your toenail polish, they add a little not so “matchy-matchy” touch to an outfit! Moreover they are cheap and comfortable so I’m planning to buy them in purple as well!

There are more great pics and info about this outfit on Pauline’s blog here.

Pauline also says she used to wear her magical green heels with her favorite little red dress. Here are a couple of those shots:

There are more great pics of this dress and shoes on Pauline’s blog here.

More about Pauline: Pauline is a fashion blogger at Pauline,  the co-designer of Call me Ponie and can also be found online on Facebook and Twitter.


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