Feed the models: cooking in high heels

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Feel like slaving over a hot stove all day to feed hubbie when he comes home, high heels and pearls sparkling as you prod at a dead meatloaf? Or would you prefer to spend the evening on the sofa, scoffing dial-a-pizza and voting some poor sap off another execrable cooking show? Well fortunately we don’t think that either of these things would appeal to the “get up and go” hostesses of the new Cooking with a Cutie website at all.

The website was founded by video producer Jamie Daniels, who was fed up with the expense and uncertainty of going out to eat, and making herself sick by ordering in rubbish. The penny dropped and, with the help of some of her professional model friends, Cooking with a Cutie was born. Real cooking by real women – and in high heels.

Daniels says that the women featured are not professional cooks, or dieticians, just regular every day women who have taken charge of their diets. Cooking with a Cutie launched on 1 January 2012 and says it will be covering important health and nutrition topics over the coming months. Meantime, our favourite so far is Star’s kale and beans: