Emilio Pucci high heels

Get the look for less: black peep-toe ankle-strap pumps

Emilio Pucci high heels

It’s hard not to fall in love with a classic designer pump from a company famous for its beautiful shoes and elegant designs. These open-toed heels in black patent leather from the Emilio Pucci spring / summer 2012 collection certainly fit that description but they come with a hefty price tag: over US$900!

The good news is that Emilio Pucci doesn’t have a monopoly on black peep-toe ankle-strap pumps. Below are a pair from Ivanka Trump, with a much more modest price tag. These shoes are on sale on Zappos right now for US$99.99. They also have a patent leather upper and have been amongst the top-sellers on Zappos during the past couple of weeks. While we understand they’re not identical to the Puccis, they’re not bad either for a little over 10% of the price!

Ivanka Trump high heels with peep toe and ankle straps

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