8 inch platforms cost only $8.12 per inch

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8 inch platform mules

A little while back we featured a whopping pair of 12 inch heels on 6 inch platforms, asking whether the 12 inch heel was going to be the next big thing.  One thing they sure were was expensive: the price was in the hundred of dollars.

Today’s shoe bargain has almost as much height but none of the price tag. They’re 8 inch heels sitting on 4 inch platforms with a peep toe and ankle strap.

Hopelessly impractical (unless you’re trying to peer over fences) these sexy black mules come at the amazing price of $64.99 via our affiliate partner Milanoo.

That’s enough to make them a genuine high heel bargain: they work out costing only $8.12 for every lovely inch. Upwards ever upwards!

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