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Fall in love with Mel’s heart high heels

Raspberry heart heels

Comfortable, plastic, cost-effective and fun. That’s pretty much how I’d sum up the new heart high heels from Mel, the self-confessed “playful younger sister” of more established brand Melissa.

The younger sister has been brought up well, and she adheres to the same ethical stance as her better-known sibling. Like Melissa, Mel  produces vegan friendly, recyclable footwear. And recycling is important because the brand notes that  plastic – which is what these shoes are made of – can take hundreds of years to decompose.

heart high heelsAnyhow, on to the heels. The feature of this shoe is undoubtedly the oversized heart shape on the toe, a highlight we’ve also seen in footwear creations from Melissa. The shoe is called the Raspberry Heart Heel from Mel, but besides raspberry it also comes in black, pearl and nude colours.

The Raspberry Heart Heel is made of “Melflex” plastic which is said to be super soft, and a cushioned footbed adds extra comfort. It has an 11cm high heel (about 4.4 inches) with a 2cm (0.8 inch) platform.

Melissa plastic pumpsThe heart aside, the biggest feature of Mel’s Raspberry Heart Heels might be that they are actually infused with a subtle scent – they’re shoes you can smell! Like Melissa, all Mel’s shoes have a sweet bubblegum smell instilled in them when they are made. The smell doesn’t last forever but the manufacturer says that it does remain for quite a few months.

Mel’s new Raspberry Heart Heels are available from The Hut now for £55.

love heart heels

My delicious ankle strap high heels are vegan friendly

vegan shoes

The search for vegan high heels can sometimes be frustrating, but today I think I’ve located the best of both worlds. I’ve tracked down a vegan high heel from My Delicious that’s not only animal friendly but purse friendly as well.

The shoe is called Aveta, and it has a 4″ wrapped stiletto heel (plus rubber tip). The upper is made of  “velvety vegan nubuck” and is all man-made. A cushioned sole provides comfort, and the wide buckled ankle strap is right on trend.

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Shop with confidence, avoid troublesome returns and find your perfect stilettos today.

vegan high heels

The Aventa, environmentally friendly high heels by My Delicious are available in whole and half sizes from Lulu’s. The shoe comes in beige and black, both retailing for only $24.

The ‘Exotic’ Trend for Vegans

One of the hottest trends in footwear is exotics skins. If you like the style but prefer not to wear real skins you can still sport the look and maintain your ethical standards, not to mention your budget! sells a variety of terrific vegan high heels, several of which fit the exotic trend perfectly. Non-vegans will also appreciate how much more affordable it is to go faux, rather than dropping the cash for real ostrich, snake, or lizard skin. Above: Mona Mia Trinidad Tan Ostrich Platform Pumps

Bamboo Colada 29 Gold Snakeskin Go GaGa Platform Pumps

Michael Antonio Kovie Orange Reptile Key Hole Platform Heels

One-of-a-kind vegan heels from Etsy

If you haven’t heard of yet, it was just a matter of time before you did. The site is a centralized marketplace for people worldwide who want to buy or sell handmade items as well as vintage items and crafting supplies.

Exclusively-vegan sellers as well as sellers that have a partial vegan inventory have a solid presence on the site, which is great news for vegan shoe shoppers looking for an interesting pair to purchase and wear.

Etsy shops that offer vintage items for sale are one good source for vegan shoes. The shoes you find may not have been manufactured by a company with a vegan focus; instead, they could have been made from synthetic materials by a non-vegan company but are vegan nonetheless. If you love retro or vintage heels but will only buy vegan shoes, this is one shoe-shopping avenue for you!

Other Etsy shops feature vegan heels that have been embellished by the sellers. Embellishments can include painting or the addition of fabrics, buttons, jewels, and other decorative items. Be sure to verify the materials added and their components, especially if they are vintage items. For example, today organza is usually made from synthetic fibres, but higher-end organza as well as vintage organza can be made from silk.

The vegan high heels above are made from man-made materials and were hand painted in baby blue and chocolate brown. Created by Rockstarlette of Anchorage, they’re size 6.5 and available on Etsy for US$79.

The biggest benefit to shopping on Etsy for vegan heels is also its biggest drawback, unfortunately. While buying your vegan heels on Etsy virtually ensures that you will receive a one-of-a-kind pair of shoes, their very uniqueness means that if you don’t purchase a pair you love in your size as soon as you see them, you cannot be certain that the shoes will still be available for purchase should you decide to buy them later. However, give your impulsive side a chance to be in charge, and you—and your fashionable feet—will be glad!



Vegans Love Heels, Too

When you think of vegan shoes, you might think the choices are limited to modest shoes and sandals. Actually, there is a wide variety of footwear for folk who prefer not to wear animal products and the selection has gotten bigger and more fashionable with the recent trend toward eco-fashion. Here are just a few sassy, animal-friendly pairs of high heels. Above: Madden Girl Kobiee Black Vegan Platform Pump, found here.

Ed Hardy Peacock Heart Sunset Heel, found here.

Schuh Prince Court Glitter High Heels, found here.

Plaza Grey Faux Suede Slouch Boot, found here.

Modcloth Make Way Heel, found here.