How to buy heels online

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Nothing sucks more than having to return shoes.

The exhilarating feeling of unboxing heels is matched only by the thrill of slipping your new purchases on for the first time.

Re-boxing and returning is not part of the fun.

Here are 4 tricks to get the right size and perfect heel height first time.

#1: Shop your regular size

If you know your correct size then the best way to avoid returns is simply to buy shoes in your size.

Some people suggest measuring your feet is a better way to avoid exchanges but we disagree.

It turns out that measuring your feet is really hard to do accurately.

Shoe fit is about way more than about just foot length. The width of the shoe, heel height, pitch and style are important too.

So while shoe length guides might be some help we’d suggest not being overly reliant on them.

This is particularly so if customer reviews are unsure on whether you should size up or down.

Speaking of which, that brings us to tip #2.

#2: Listen to the crowd about shoe sizing (sort of)

One of the great benefits of online shopping is that you can read reviews about shoes before buying.

It seems nearly all reviewers have an opinion about size.

Usually they say you should size half a size down, or up or even a full size.

It seems that rarely does anyone say that a shoe fits their size perfectly!

The truth is that many women have been wearing the wrong sized heels for years. So you need to be very cautious before accepting advice about shoe sizing online.

Unless nearly everyone is saying that the sizing is way out, we recommend just getting your usual size.

For more on correct high heel sizing, check out our comprehensive guide here.

#3: get your heel height right

High heels can often look gorgeous online but be impossible to walk in when they arrive.

Heel height is a little like heel sizing: a small change from what you were expecting can make a lot of difference.

To avoid a “shoe crush” on stilettos that you can’t stand up in, carefully measure the heel height of a pair you already own first.

If that’s your maximum height then don’t go an extra half inch if you want to avoid returns.

#4: shop smart by asking good questions

Whether its taxi shoes or tap shoes, you can avoid common reasons for returns by asking some good questions.

If you need your heels for an upcoming event, be sure to check likely shipping times.

This is very important if you are buying heels for someone else’s birthday or Christmas. If they don’t arrive in time, then you’ll be returning them.

Also check what the heels are made of, how they wear and whether they have good recent reviews.

Make sure you choose a good online retailer (here are some of our top picks) too.  And check their shipping policy.

Finally, check out their returns policy too! If all else fails you want to be able to return the heels, even if it is painful.

Want more?

We have in depth size guides, conversion charts and foot and heel measuring tips in the guides below.

Be sure to check them out!

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