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How to find and buy high heeled sneaker shoes online – ask the experts!

Sneaker high heels are a very popular item to look for online, but they are not so easy to find!One pair of high heeled sneakers that are available online are the Pleaser Delight peep toe heels. You can buy these now via our affiliate link to AMI Clubwear.

Often a manufacturer will make high heeled sneakers for only a short time. This means that links you might find elsewhere are out of date.

We’ve been monitoring the topic since 2010 and written many articles about high heeled sneakers. Browse our archive of our high heel sneaker stories below. The sneakers in those stories are unfortunately no longer available for purchase .

Finally, here’s a note on something that we don’t and won’t do: our site’s policies prohibit us from advertising or linking to websites that sell high heels badged with the fake logos of sporting goods manufacturers such as Nike, Adidas, Converse, etc.

This means that you will not find links to fake sneaker high heels (eg by Nike) on our site. We have covered the vexed topics of whether Nike make high heels and whether Adidas do on this site in news articles in the past.

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High heel sneaker article archive

Please note the following about the articles listed below:

  • The sneaker high heels listed in this section are no longer available for purchase unless they are listed in the section above.
  • The posts are otherwise kept here for archival purposes only. This allows to you see some of the sneaker heels that have been sold in the past.
  • If any of the shoes listed in this section become available for sale again, this page will be updated.
sneaker high heels 2017

Denim look high heel sneakers are new for 2017

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Christian Louboutin sneaker high heels

High heel sneakers from Christian Louboutin

It's 100% a mystery to me why more designers don't produce high heel sneakers. Every time a pair come on ...
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High heel sneakers by Donna Karan for Opening Ceremony

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Sporty high heel sneakers from Privileged

[UPDATE, April 2016: These sneaker heels are no longer available and links have been removed.] There's a definite gap in ...
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High heel sneakers

Do Nike make high heel sneakers or are they all fakes?

One of the questions we are forever being asked is "do Nike make high heeled shoes?" We are also regularly ...
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High heel sneakers by Jeffrey Campbell

The Jeffrey Campbell brand has put its own unique twist on the high heel sneaker trend with the heel-less, multi-colored ...
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Hot or Not: High Heeled Sneakers

If you are truly devoted to high heels (and I know a lot of us here are), you will find ...
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How much do Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik REALLY care about comfort?

Back in April 2012 poor old Christian Louboutin was quoted as telling Grazia that he had "not so much sympathy" ...
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Get your kicks with this fab new sneaker heel from ZiGi Girl

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sneaker high heels

Quality sneaker high heels from ZiGi Girl

UPDATE, August 2017: this heel is no longer available either in white or black as featured in this post. The ...
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