Margot by Nine West


Super-comfortable, moderate-height heels that look attractive, Margot is a great 2 inch work pump. Margot is made by the work shoe pros at Nine West, meaning that is super affordable and professional.

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Available in both both black and natural leather,  there’s a good argument that Margot by Nine West *really* is the best two inch work heel on the market right now.

The two inch work pump is a godsend for when you need to be on your feet all day and Nine West have long had the comfort angle covered: devotees well know that the brand’s lightly padded footbed and leather upper will look after hard-working feet competently.

In fact over 200 reviewers on Zappos have given Margot either 4 or 5 stars out of 5, making it the top-rated 2 inch work pump that there is. Classic, super comfortable and perfect are just some of the words used in reviews to describe Margot. And one reviewer even called these shoes her “soul mates”!

Nine West’s Margot has a 2.5 inch heel measured on a size 10. Smaller sizes will be slightly shorter to maintain proportions.

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