Natalie by Naturalizer


Classy, comfortable and stable with a well-cushioned footbed, Natalie by Naturalizer is one of the top 3 inch work pumps of 2017. This heel has a 5 point comfort system, which it calls “N5 Contour technology”. Read more about this below.



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Naturalizer is staking its reputation on one big pointer: comfort. And the brand may have a point: if there’s one thing that reviewers consistently wish for in a pair of work pumps it is that they are comfortable.

Naturalizer’s response – which is fully utilised in Natalie – is a system called “N5 Contour technology”. This system boils down more or less to these simple points:

CUSHIONING – The shoe has extra cushioning in the heel, ball and arch of the foot with double-density cushioning in the whole sockliner.

BREATHABILITY – the heel has microfiber linings which limit bacteria and smelly things while letting air through.

BALANCE – the sole is designed to contact as much of the foot as possible. This helps with not falling over in circumstances where not falling over is key.

FLEXIBILITY – Natalie has flexible leather and other materials rather than hard uncomfortable ones.

LIGHTWEIGHT – everything is designed to weigh as little as possible. For a work pump that you’ll be wearing day in, day out, that matters.

As well as black, Natalie is available in shades of nude too.

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