John Fluevog: ethical, vegan heels!

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John Fluevog Shoes is unique in the shoe industry in that their shoes are all handmade in small factories where workers are paid fair wages and treated fairly. This emphasis on fair trade means that Fluevog shoes are not cheap, but they are well-made (the factories are located in Canada, Portugal, Poland, and China).

The company is currently offering two pairs of women’s vegan heels and in regards to its environmentally-friendly and vegan offerings, Fluevog says, “[W]e’re only going to get better.”

The first pair of vegan heels available by Fluevog is called Benatar, in honour of the rocker. There are several variations of the Benatar, but only one is vegan: the blue plaid fabric. The Benatar is a Mary Jane-styled shoe with an extra-wide strap across the top of the foot, a large silver buckle, and a slightly squared toe. The heel height is three inches and is completely covered in the blue plaid fabric except for the bottom of the heel. The outer sole and heel are covered in rubber which makes for great traction and more comfortable walking and wearing.

The second pair is called Ida Clark. This bootie is available in two variations but only one is vegan. The black and white striped canvas bootie has a 2.5” heel that is slightly fluted, and the toe is rounded. Five black decorative buttons are on the outer side of each shoe, and a functional zipper is on the inner side.

Fluevog’s website has a refreshing sense of humour and the company’s commitment to fair labour practices and emerging concern with environmentalism are all promises of great things to come. By purchasing shoes from Fluevog, you will be encouraging them to expand their funky vegan offerings.