These items of fantasy footwear may never leave the house, but they’re guaranteed to spice things up in the bedroom.

There’s a reason that lingerie and heels is a cliche, and that’s because it works. Men love women in heels and, if they’re not to be worn when standing up, then the higher the better!

6 inch heels, extreme stilettos, stripper heels, bedroom heels and other sexy shoes are just some of the heels you can shop here. We feature metal spike heels, clear heels and just about everything in between.

Knotted red strappy spike sandals


Half fancy, half fetish. That’s a great way to describe these red knotted, 5.9 inch stiletto sandals.

They’re popular for playing around the house and add glamour as well as height with the cross-toe knot detail and thin ankle strap.

And the shoes wouldn’t be bedroom heels unless they had a giant stiletto – metal in this case. Check out the gallery for more pictures or the video below.

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Watch as Model Zisan walks like a pro in these 5.9 inch strappy sandals and pantyhose. Even stairs are no problem if taken carefully!

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