High Heel Fitness

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If you look around a room of people who are all wearing high heels you’ll notice that some are much better at walking in their shoes than others. Could it be that some just have more talent for the task? Possibly. But there’s more than luck in the matter of wearing heels well. The fact is that you might have to condition your body to wear high heels properly. That means it’s time to workout!

Here is an exercise routine designed for those that would like to improve their high heeled strut or increase their ability to wear heels for longer. It was created by a experienced ballet dancer, which makes a lot of sense considering how much time ballerinas spend on their toes! Have a look at the routine in the video below. It’s short, simple, and doesn’t require any equipment. So give it a try! It’s one that can be beneficial to even the most experienced high heel wearer.

Exercises For Wearing High Heels

photo: fitnessmagazine.com