Louboutin to YSL: Hands Off Our Red Soles!

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The bright red sole is a big part of the allure of a pair of Christian Louboutin high heels. In fact, for many women it’s the main allure. The eye catching flash of crimson sends an immediate message to onlookers that your fashion choices aren’t just sexy, they’re expensive. And the red shoe bottoms are more than a marker for social status, they’re also a professional trademark.

That’s why the Louboutin brand is reportedly suing Yves Saint Laurent for producing some recent shoe designs that sport a bright red sole. The Tribtoo(above) and Palais (below) designs from the YSL brand have red soles and sell in the same high-end footwear market that contains Christian Louboutin shoes. The company claims this will create confusion for shoppers. YSL, however, is definitely not the only brand to splash a bit of red on the sole. Looks like the king of high heels is feeling a little bit threatened?