Perfect for a wild party or the office

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Sometimes height is everything, as Agnieszka from told us when we spied her picture set featuring these River Island high heels:

And what I like about these high heels the most? That they are so extremely high! Nature has not endowed me with long legs, these heels fortunately can fully compensate those shortcomings. When I have them on my feet I feel special, I am more confident and I certainly feel more sexy. These ‘River Island’ shoes look great with skirts and pants, they are perfect for every occasion whether you’re going to a wild party or to the office.

And here’s Agnieszka’s full outfit:

More about Agnieszka: Agnieszka is theatre studies and English student afrom Poznań, Poland. She blogs at You can find more information about the above outfit and more pictures in her snake skin pattern post.


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