Kim Kardashian – I need high heels to feel sexy!

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Heel-lover Kim Kardashian has revealed that she needs high heels to feel sexy, and she wears them on photo shoots even if they’re out of shot. “I feel my sexiest when I’m all dressed up at a photo shoot with full hair and make-up,” Kim explained to the UK edition of Cosmopolitan recently. She continued:

“I definitely need high heels to feel sexy, but that’s because of my height – I’m short! – and I just look better. When I’m on a shoot, even if you can’t see the heels, I put them on because they make me feel sexy.”

It’s certainly rare to see Kim without heels and she has even co-founded her own shoe retail site in ShoeDazzle. (UPDATE: ShoeDazzle was acquired by in early 2013 and the two sites have since merged).

In an interview given last year Kim explained how her love affair with shoes had begun early:

Me and my sisters have always loved shoes. We would always try on my mom’s shoes and we even went through all of her shoes and picked out which ones that we would get if she didn’t want them. We made this whole list of who was going to get her shoes.

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