Whatever happened to Daniele Renzi shoes?

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Back in 2014, we included Italian brand Daniele Renzi in our guide to buying 6 inch heels online.

But since then the shoes have completely disappeared from the internet (and therefore from our guide). If you know what happened to Daniele Renzi please let us know.

Back in the day, Daniele Renzi’s Italian-made high heels were sold on eBay for years. However like many eBay retailers, they come and go.

And they sadly went.

In their advertisements D. Renzi pumps were stated to be 100% original and made of Italian patent leather.

Renzi shipped them worldwide, and back in 2014 we noted that they had 100% positive feedback on eBay (including praise for fast shipping).

The Daniele Renzi stilettos were gorgeous as our picture above shows. Back then you could expect to pay €280 and up for a pair of D.Renzi pumps – not cheap but nobody went public in complaining so we figure there were a lot of happy customers.

The price tag was close to €1,000 for the label’s leather boots, but they had many satisfied customers.

Heel heights were up to 6 inches, depending on the size of the shoe.

Sad to see them go.