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Nude Hues

There is something eternally chic about a nude high heel. If we were glass half empty kind of girls, we may say that nude shoes are a bit, well…. Bland. Especially when you consider all the rainbow bright, fluro colors that could be decorating one’s feet. Not to mention prints, stripes, polka dots and embellishments by the bucket load. BUT we are glass half full kind of girls and let us be the first to say, nothing is cooler than going nude.

A neutral hue is a blank canvas and that makes it incredibly versatile – so a nude or vanilla shoe is one that can go with anything. That makes a nude show incredibly exciting as it can be paired with the most outrageous or classic of ensembles and like a Hollywood ingénue, never look out of place. That’s good for your poor old bank account too because a nude show can be worn season after season, year after year – because it doesn’t have any of the outrageous appeal of an acid yellow, it can adapt and be adapted, making the shoe more of an investment than a one season only deal.

And did we mention the leg lengthening benefits? Yes, that’s right girls. If you’ve long since lusted after pins that even Giselle would envy, slip on one of our top nude picks and gain inches way above the 4 or 5 inches the heel supposedly measures. It’s an optical illusion for  sure but trust us, once you dare to go bare, you’ll never look back.

The iconic Dolly by Charlotte Olympia makes nude chic once again

The pocket friendly Peloquin by Aldo

The sophisticated Dina in Buff, by Alexander Wang 


Go ‘Bare’ This Summer

The trend for ‘barely there’ high heels shows absolutely no signs of slowing as we approach the summer months, with women going crazy for the minimalist, no-nonsense style. Thin straps and skinny heels dominated the catwalks at Fashion Weeks across the globe; Alexander Wang led the pack with his understated, modest black leather heels.

Alexander Wang Antonia Leather Sandal

Brian Atwood’s slinky Labrea heels combine ‘barely there’ style with a clashing colour palette to create this summer’s staple look; our mouths are well and truly drooling at the sight of these snakeskin single-sole heels with a crescent heel. Pair with tailored trousers or a fitted midi dress for the perfect antithesis to the platform pumps which have been at the top of wish lists for the past few summers.

 Brian Atwood Labrea Sandal, $350

Understated, timeless, chic. Do you dare to go bare this summer?

How to style… black leather Alexander Wang high heels

Alexander Wang high heelsHHD: Come Over To The Dark Side We Have Candy (aka COTTDS.com) is one of the coolest fashion blog names around, and we think the content is as cool as the name. Owner Cindy van der Heyden fills her blog with her personal style, wardrobe and things that inspire her, and says her loves include black, leather, designer shoes, smokey eyes and messy hair.

HHD: The pictures in this post certainly live up to that, and when we saw these amazing Alexander Wang high heels on COTTDS.com we had to get in touch with Cindy for some styling tips.

How to style Alexander Wang high heels

Cindy: The Alexander Wang heels are probably my most favourite pair of heels at the moment. They make every look more feminine and interesting. You can basically wear them with everything.

Alexander Wang high heels

Cindy: In this outfit I paired the Alexander Wang heels up with plain black jeans and a coloured sports jacket. They are the perfect item to make my casual and sporty look more dressed. But they also look amazing when you wear them with shorts, skirts, tie dye jeans, leather trousers, you name it.

Alexander Wang high heelsHHD: Thanks Cindy for sharing your styling tips with us. See more of Cindy’s style on her blog – Come Over To The Dark Side We Have Candy.

Increase Wedge Comfort with a Platform

Wedges are a great way to get a super high heel with a little extra support under your foot. However, you have a super high wedge that the Alexander Wang “Kasia” sandal shown above you might find yourself feeling like you are only walking on your tip-toes all day. The same goes for the Christain Louboutin “Panier 120” wedges below. Beautiful shoes, but definitely meant for sitting – not standing or walking.

If comfort’s not an issue for you, feel free to indulge in the above lovelies. However, if you want a little more freedom to be both cute and comfy, look for a wedge that has a platform. This allows you to get the height without such a steep incline on your foots. Diane von Furstenberg’s ‘Opal” wedges below have a modest platform, but it’s enough to make the shoes more wearable. Next, the “Agadir” espadrilles by Yves Saint Laurent are the kind of sandals that give you the height you crave while being comfortable enough to walk around in for a while.