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Ruthie Davis + Dennis Basso = Space-age Heels

Shoe and other accessory makers often miss out on the fanfare associated with the fashion weeks around the world. Savvy designers, however, know that teaming up with a hot fashion designer can add new life to their designs and give them some valuable face time on the runway.

For 2011 shoemaker Ruthie Davis collaborated with Dennis Basso on a collection of space-agey looking heels. The shoes are a great pairing with the clothing, which is slick, but feminine and also has a sort of futuristic twist.

Lanvin’s Spring 2011 Runway Swapped Flats for Killer Heels

Alber Elbaz took pity on the models for his Spring 2011 runway fashion show. The Lanvin designer noticed during rehearsal that the vast majority of the catwalkers could walk in the planned titanium heels. A few of the ladies still managed the feat, but most were allowed to instead wear some sandals that the fashion team had on hand. Elbaz explained the switch, saying, “If you you don’t feel good in something, you don’t look good in it.”