Holy Cow! MooShoes NYC

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If you’re a vegan high heel aficionado and you make a trip to New York City, a stop at MooShoes should certainly be on your itinerary. Located at 78 Orchard Street in the Lower East Side, this inviting shoe shop offers a broad range of fashionable, well-made vegan-only shoes. Featuring vegan brands like Novacas, Hearts of Darkness, Madden Girl and Marais, the shop also sells handbags, clothing and accessories.

Glamour Pump from Hearts of Darkness, available at MooShoes.

In addition to being the hottest place in the city for vegan footwear, the shop is also an important location for the local vegan/vegetarian community. The store hosts numerous vegan and animal rights events throughout the year, like book signings, pop-up shops, and organization meetings. In addition, the shop is home to a number of rescued cats who now have a safe and happy life. At MooShoes, compassion isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a philosophy that’s embodied in every aspect of the business.

Tawnee from Madden Girl, available at MooShoes.

As you approach MooShoes, you’ll see that the storefront is all glass, which allows ample natural light into the shop space. The glass is topped with cascading greenery from the planters located on the story above. The store’s interior is a gleaming white with the structure’s original brick exposed and dabbed white as well. The ceiling of the store is a wave-shaped letter M for the shop’s name—an aesthetic detail that enhances the store’s organic feel.

Balance 2 from Olsen Haus, available at MooShoes.

MooShoes is open every day of the week, and if you’ve spied a particular pair of shoes on the store’s website prior to your visit, call the store at 1-866-598-3426 and they’ll put the pair on hold for you for up to one week in advance.