Caring for your vegan heels

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Once you have found a great pair of vegan heels—you know, the kind that make you wish you’d bought twelve pairs—how do you preserve their fabulousness?

Vegan shoe care is really similar to caring for shoes that are made from animal skins. You can freshen up those sexy vegan stilettos by wiping them clean with a dampened soft cloth or soft sponge.

If you have a pair of vegan heels that look as if they are made from leather that would need polishing, the appearance of those shoes can also be enhanced by polishing them occasionally with a silicon-based gel. A gel polish can also help reduce any scuffing your shoes may get. Test the gel in a small space on your shoe first, though, just to be safe!

If you live in a rainy climate or it is the rainy season where you live, you can waterproof your vegan heels with a waterproofing product that’s available from Vegan Essentials. These cruelty and animal-free waterproofers come in two different formulas: one for full-grain leather-like products and one for synthetic suede and nubuck materials.

In the polish line, Vegan Essentials stocks vegan shoe polish which is available in black or clear dubbin (for a colorless shine.)

Vegetarian Shoes also makes black shoe polish which will work for your go-to pairs in this colour, and their product is available online through many vegan stores as well as in physical vegan shops.

Finally, store your vegan heels like you would any other pair of shoes, ideally in a shoe organizer with ample space for each pair, on a shoe tree, or in shoe boxes organized in your closet. With just a bit of time and care you can keep those shoes looking hot for years to come!