Bryan Oknyansky’s sky high steel heels

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Introducing a fusion of steel, technology and beauty… brings you an awesome preview of Bryan Oknyansky’s new ranges of limited edition, made-to-order sky-high steel heels from his recent collection that will be on show at next week’s Paris Fashion Week.

Off the back of a truly outstanding showing of his debut “Heavy Metal Series’ collection at Berlin Fashion week, up and coming architecture and footwear designer Bryan is one of the new breed of designers making his mark in the pursuit of luxury design innovation. Bryan’s latest collection is a result of experimental digital design and fabrication techniques to create steel heels that are the most exquisite and durable on earth, with steel set to become a new symbol of luxury footwear.

Following widespread interest and demand, Bryan is taking his collection to Paris Fashion Week where he will debut two new ranges at the Capsule Showroom,on  1-3 October 2011. On show will be Bryan’s four new cutting edge designs based on his debut Caged Heels and Spider Heels. However these will retail at a fraction of the price of Bryan’s earlier collection, where each steel pair is as unique as a fingerprint and retails for upwards of $10,000 a pair – rivalling historic powerhouse ladies footwear brand Roger Vivier’s five-figure limited edition ladies footwear collection.

Bryan’s Heavy Metal Series is currently taking pre-orders with manufacture to start in time for the 2011 holiday season.

We wish Bryan all the very best at Paris Fashion Week.