Tribute to Tribtoos

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YSL’s Tribtoo pump is a true modern classic, a timeless and iconic pump that takes our breath away year after year. This beatiful shoe (shown above by Karolina of C is for Craving) evolved from YSL’s Tribute (a thin-strapped Mary Jane), via the Tribute sandal, to eventually become the spectacular Tribtoo pump.

Tribtoo by Nini of Nini’s Style

Even its name may have evolved: YSL still caption the shoe using two words rather than one (the “Trib Too“) but most know it as the Tribtoo.  The heel is also known as the Tribute 2 or the Trib Two by some.

Tribtoo by Laiyin of the Style Circus

What everyone does seem to agree on however is that in 2011 the Tribtoo is as popular as ever. Today some of the web’s best fashion bloggers and stylists helped us celebrate the Tribtoo with some of their best images of these shoes from 2011.

Tribtoo by Doina of the Golden Diamonds

Best of all, our Facebook album has lots more Tribtoo photos from the contributors to this article and others. Please check out our album. And we say a big thanks to all our contributors!

Tribtoo by Darya of Cab.LOOK