Cesare Paciotti’s new light up heels are definitely not stripper shoes

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Light up high heels

When I think of light up high heels, I picture them being wrapped around a pole in a seedy strip club. However for Fall / Winter 2013 Cesare Paciotti is attempting to change all that with his new Lumier light up pumps.

Making their debut at Paris Fashion Week, these pumps are covered in tiny crystals that cleverly light up when a switch is flicked. When they do become available it won’t be at stripper shoe prices either: you’ll be looking at about $2,000 for these pumps and around $1,500 for a pair of light up sandals in a similar style.

The mechanics are relatively simple: the lights come on when the wearer flicks a switch that is said to be discreetly tucked under the insole. I’m not quite sure how that would work in practise – or where I might wear these even if I could afford them. Other than on the catwalk, I am afraid that these heels are going to look like stripper shoes suffering from an identify crisis.

That is not a problem you’re likely to encounter with your regular light up shoe, such as the heels below from fantasy shoemakers Pleaser. In comparison they retail for a mere $108.95 from Snaz 75, and they certainly know their place.

Pleaser light up high heels