Quality sneaker high heels from ZiGi Girl

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sneaker high heels

UPDATE, August 2017: this heel is no longer available either in white or black as featured in this post. The link has been disabled and this post updated. If this sneaker heel becomes available again, we will update this post.

Wedge heel sneakers have been easy to come by lately, but genuine high heel sneakers – where the sports shoe upper balances on a stiletto below – are harder to come by. That makes me all the more happy to have found the new Soothe heel from ZiGi Girl. This quality sneaker high heel has a leather upper and was previously available for $169.99.

high heel sneakers

While we’ve covered other high heel sneakers before, quality is really what sets this shoe apart. It has a genuine leather upper on top of a sports-shoe type sole and a lace-up front. Best of all, the shoe has an eye-popping 6 1/2 inch heel! Fortunately a 2 1/4 inch platform offsets plenty of that so the shoe should be relatively comfortable as well as adding half a foot of height.

sports shoe heels

This heel was also available in black for $139.99 but is sold out in that shade too.

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