Stilettos made entirely from platinum for only $100,000

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platinum high heels

Here’s something for the woman who thought she had everything: a pair of high heels made entirely from platinum! The precious-metal sandals are from the House of Borgezie, which earlier gave the world the eternal diamond stiletto (a snip at SU$155,000 per pair). The sandals are are variation on the eternal diamond stiletto, also featuring the lily stamen heel that is part of those shoes.

The good news is the platinum sandals are cheaper than the eternal diamond stilettos: the sandals currently market for £67,000 or about US$100,000 give or take. The shoe is called Cleopatra, and its designer and manufacturer claims (probably correctly) that nothing like it has ever been achieved before.

Borgezie PlatinumThe platinum high heels took over four years of trial and error to get the design right, with the extremely high temperatures required to work with platinum being one of the major challenges for the designer.

The heel and sole of the sandal can be replaced by the shoe’s owner. The rest of the stiletto is said to last forever and never to tarnish or age. So much so that each pair comes with an “eternal guarantee.” Consider me sold.

Cleopatra shoesIf you like the shape of the Cleopatra but not the platinum, then the shoes can also be obtained in either 18 carat white gold or 18 carat yellow gold. Both cost £60,000. To buy these shoes or for more information, visit the House of Borgezie website.


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