Waterproof high heels?

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waterproof high heels

UPDATE: These heels are unfortunately no longer available as at January 2015. If this changes, we will link back to them here.

Nothing puts a smile on my dial more than a shoe bargain from those nutters at retailer Stylish Plus. The discount dealer never fails to amuse, whether this is with its extravagant mark-down prices or strange shoe descriptions.

In this case it is both: these shoes are the “Latest Waterproof Taiwan Diamond Stiletto Heels (Black,Red)” from Stylish Plus. There is no explanation as to how they’re waterproofed – or for that matter why they’re waterproofed – but waterproof they claim to be. So if you’re looking to go swimming in your stilettos or hold a pool party in your pumps it seems that these are the shoes for you.

There’s also a cray cray discount of course. The market price is allegedly USD $ 212.00 but you could have picked up a pair for the somewhat more reasonable $39.95. Amusing descriptions aside, that is a shoe bargain if ever I’ve seen one. Stylish Plus also offer free worldwide shipping on orders over $79, and there’s a further 15% discount off your first order if you sign up with them. The waterproof heels were available in red or black but only in US sizes 3 to 8.

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waterproof heels

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