Nikki Hager from PeepToe Shoes is the shoe designer at Izoa

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New Australian shoe and accessories brand Izoa has a familiar designer on board: Nikki Hager, the founder of defunct brand PeepToe Shoes is the label’s creative designer.

PeepToe collapsed in early 2014 reportedly owing over $A1,000,000 and it remains to be seen whether Izoa can make a success of business.

One concern we raised about PeepToe was whether $200 was too much to pay for a pair of mass-produced, Chinese-made shoes. Izoa’s heels are around that price-point too (we couldn’t find a mention of where they’re made but China is a fair bet).

On the other hand, the good news is that some of the first range do really stand out and “pop” (PeepToe became a bit boring in the end). If Izoa can get Australian women obsessed about a locally designed shoe brand (remember the queues at the PeepToe sales back in the day?) then it’ll be on a winner.

More pictures of the funky lime green range designed by Nikki Hager for Izoa’s first season are below. The full selection can be found on the brand’s website at

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Izoa peeptoe high heels

Izoa green high heels

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