Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo the man

Born inMalaysia in 1957, Jimmy Choo is considered a grand-master of the stiletto heel. Choo made his first pair of shoes at the age of just 12 when working in the family business that was based out of their home. Choo attended Cordwainer’s Technical College to perfect his knowledge of shoemaking while visiting relatives in … Read more

Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik is the modern legend for today’s stiletto heel, probably the greatest shoemaker of the 20th and 21st centuries. The maestro of mules did not come from fashion royalty: Manolo Blahnik was born in 1943 on his parents’ banana plantation in the Canary Islands. After an unsuccessful time studying law and politics in Geneva, … Read more

Roger Vivier

The world of stiletto heels owes its popularity if not its existence to French designer Roger Vivier.  Named for the Italian word meaning small metal dagger, stilettos became an international sensation when Vivier first introduced them in 1954 for the House of Dior. While the idea of a stiletto heel was hinted at through fetish … Read more

What’s the return rate for shoes purchased online?

return rates for high heels

A rough statistic for the return rate of shoes purchased over the internet is often quoted as between 20% and 35%. That is, one pair of shoes is returned for roughly every three to five sales. That may seem high. However some sources cite return rates of 50% or higher. Estimating the “return rate” for shoes purchased online … Read more

High heel size chart

Converting between international high heel sizes is not as difficult or painful as you might think. Our free shoe size conversion chart will help you swap between USA shoe sizes and European, Australian and British sizes easily. Below the chart you will find lots of helpful information to help you to convert high heel sizes. … Read more

Shop platform high heels in all the colors of the rainbow

blue stiletto platform pumps

Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue… Those crazy cats at Milanoo really do have platform heels in just about any color you can imagine! These platform pumps are cheap and cheerful and ideal for dress-ups or costume parties. Check out the rainbow high heel range below (please note that … Read more

Denim look high heel sneakers are new for 2017

sneaker high heels 2017

High heeled sneakers are always super-popular but not very easy to find. This is why we let our readers know whenever we spy a pair. For 2017 we have great news: we’ve found not one but two pairs of denim-look sneaker high heels available via Ali Express. These fun, jeans-look heels come in two shades – … Read more

6 inch heels with no platforms are strappy and sensational

walking in 6 inch heels

Are these 6 inch wonder-heels impossibly sexy or just impossible? Made for wearing but not necessarily walking, these strappy 6 inch heels have no platform. Instead there’s a vertical metal heel leading to a delicate ankle strap. The shoes are available from Bitter Moon Heels via AliExpress for $82, although are frequently discounted beyond that. … Read more

Gold high heels

Gold high heeled shoes are always popular for the party season. Whether it’s gold high heeled sandals with a flowery dress in the height of summer, or gold pumps to add a real “pop” to a little black dress, metallics have always been a wardrobe staple. We’ve picked out our favorite gold high heels for our … Read more

Shoe dangling or shoe play

dangling red high heels

The internet has many mentions and videos of shoe dangling, but what is this strange phenomenon? In reality, shoe dangling is just what it says it is: the simple act of a woman letting her shoe dangle from her toes, often slipping the shoe on and off again as she pleases. This is sometimes seen … Read more