Weird and wonderful wooden wedges

wedge heeled brogues

Wooden wedges are definitely fashionable right now, but have you seen some of the weird and wonderful designs for wooden heels that are making an impact this season? Amongst all the more “normal” wooden wedges there are some really bizarre designs that are worth taking a closer look at. Our pick of the craziest are … Read more

Tortoise shoes: 5 tortoiseshell prints to put some reptile in your heels

tortoise heels

Could tortoiseshell be the latest trend emerging in the world of high heels? The tortoiseshell look is certainly popular among the high-end shoe designers, and perhaps it is only a matter of time before other designers and brands take up the fashion too. Today we have tracked down 5 of the sharpest tortoise shoes  currently … Read more

Jessica Simpson launches new website – and prepares to give birth in flats!

Megastar Jessica Simpson – who last year threatened to give birth to her daughter in 4 inch stilettos – has relented in her final days of pregnancy and has opted to wear Havaianas flip-flops instead. “This little lady in my belly throws off my balance,” Simpson said in a recent interview. “I’m flat-footed, so cute flats … Read more