How to drive in high heels

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Driving in heels is an extreme sport which is not for the weak!

But many women drive in high heels daily – and it is easy if you know how. It’s usually legal too.

There are really only two very important things to know if you would like to drive in heels.

Tip #1: Prepare your vehicle

There are many women who claim that driving in heels is impossible! However just as many heel-lovers drive in their stilettos on a daily basis.

One of the major sources of problems when driving in heels is the shoe getting caught between the mat and the pedals (this happens a lot with flip flops too).

There are a couple of obvious solutions: either remove the mat or secure it properly to the floor with adhesive or velcro.

While you’re preparing your vehicle, make sure you adjust the seat so that you can properly reach the pedals.

Some women say this doesn’t change depending on their footwear; others say it does. Just find the right position in the right shoes for you.

Tip #2: choose the right heels

If you’re driving in heels, you need to choose a heel that you feel confident driving in.

A single sole pump is optimum because it is secure and you will be able to feel the pedals through the sole. Boots are also good.

While some women say they are completely comfortable driving in platform heels, others say it gives them no feeling of control on the pedals. If you’re not confident with platforms then don’t drive in them!

Shoes like mules can also be a problem because they can slip off and become an obstruction.

Whatever you do, make sure that you have full control of the vehicle at all times and are not wearing heels that may compromise that.

Unless you can drive safely in heels, please don’t do it! Driving in heels will not be legal unless you do so safely.

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