Smokin’ Kate Moss Closes Louis Vuitton, Paris Fashion Week

Louis Vuittion is rivaled only by Chanel for its spot at the pinnacle of Paris Fashion Week. The LV show is the unofficial close of the season and the presentation didn’t fail to send fashion month out with bang. Under the creative direction of Marc Jacobs, the show was a theatrical experience full of uniformed … Read more

Mugler Fall 2011 – The Shoes

These purple platforms are from the now infamous Thierry Mugler Fall 2011 show. The heavily theatrical presentation took place last week as part of Paris Fashion Week and it was definitely the talk of the industry. Not only was it new creative director Nicola Formachetti’s first show with the brand, but his most famous client … Read more

New York Fashion Week: High-Heeled Boots

The final show has walked for New York City’s Fall 2011 fashion week. Now it’s time to digest all the new styles and take account for what we can expect to see in stores later this year. Since it’s the Fall/Winter season, boots are the footwear focus. This year it seems, chunky heels are very … Read more

Killer heels or wearable works of art?

Catwalk shoes have taken on a form of their own- often resembling complex works of art or architectural forms rather than footwear. It’s all part of the fantasy and imagination of the fashion world, and let’s face it; we have always been a shoe-obsessed society which only adds to our delight when we see these … Read more

Haute Heels: Couture Shoes from Elie Saab & Jean Paul Gaultier

Another round of the highest of high fashions has strutted down the catwalk in Paris over the past couple days and among the wildly extravagant clothing was a collection from Elie Saab. True to the haute couture definition, this collection was all about the extreme opulence of hand-sewn details. The overall aesthetic wasn’t over the … Read more

High Heels at Fashion Rio

When most people think of fashion week there minds often go to New York or Paris. The fact is, however, that fashion weeks occur all of the world. And one that’s gaining increasing recognition is Fashion Rio, whose Winter 2011 season is taking place right now in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The week-long event has … Read more