Wear Your Heels in the Grass with Starlettos

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So you’ve got a garden party or an otherwise upscale outdoor event attend? Of course, you’ll want to look your best in a nice dress and heels. But then there’s the problem have having your stilettos sink into the earth or slip through the cracks. Before this meant one of two things: either risk scuffing and muddying your precious shoes or – heaven forbid – wear flats instead! Gasp!

Well now “Starlettos” offers a solution to your dilemma that will let you rock your heels without the worry. The shoe accessory consists of a pair of flower shaped plastic pieces that fit onto the tips of your heels. Basically, they spread the weight out a bit so you’re less likely to sink into soft surfaces. They are also large enough to prevent your heel from slipping into small spaces like those between the planks of a boardwalk. They come in four colors and sell for A$19.99 at starlettos.com.au.