Born Again range makes wood sexy

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Up and coming UK-based shoe designer Bryan Oknyansky has just unveiled his latest range called Born Again. The new line was commissioned to accompany the Sorapol Brand launch and was recently showcased on the runway to fashion glitterati in London’s Hanover Square.

Oknyansky’s latest range comes on the heels of his inventive Heavy Metal Series collection which we profiled earlier this year. Born Again is every bit as cutting-edge as the Heavy Metal Series, but it draws on an entirely different expression of technology and luxury – taking its cues from nature and using wood as the feature material, bringing a new edge to shoe fashion.

At the launch, models tiptoed down the runway barefoot, clutching the wooden shoes as if holding must-have handbags, allowing the audience a closer look.  Together with the beauty of Sorapol’s couture, the collection of wedge (Genesi Heel) and stiletto platform (Butterfly Heel) were captivating and ethereal, evoking thoughts of butterfly wings, cocoons and even tropical life forms…

Who knew wood could be so sexy?