Kim Kardashian’s pink Casadei high heels – are these the new celebrity favorites?

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Uber-celebrity Kim Kardashian has been showing off her amazing pink Casadei high heels on Twitter, describing them as the “perfect hot pink heel.” Don’t quote us on this, but Kim might be right!

These super-hot pink high heels have already had a couple of outings with Ms Kardashian, including being paired with a silver Catherine Malandrino dress as shown below. The heels certainly have all the features necessary to be the next celebrity favorite too: they’re sky-high, incredibly hot, very expensive and almost impossible to buy right now.

One thing is for sure: Kim is a big fan of these sexy pink shoes. The celeb has already declared she’s “in love” with them on Twitter, and we think can see why.

So are these Casadei high heels going to become the new celebrity favorites? Watch this space because we think you’ll be seeing a lot more of them soon.