Finally, a high heel sneaker that isn’t a fake Nike

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sneaker high heels

UPDATE: this sneaker heel is currently unavailable as at November 2014. This page will be updated if this changes.

The murky world of sneaker high heels has been dominated by brand name ripoffs, at least until now. Previously we’ve confirmed that all Nike sneaker heels are fakes, and that Adidas has made at least one sneaker heel (which was a drop in the ocean compared to all the counterfeit products).

But finally, we’ve found a legitimate high heel sneaker that isn’t claiming to be the four inch version of your favorite sports shoes. These color-blocking micro-fibre shoes give a fully legitimate sneaker look and are armed with a 4.3 inch stiletto heel. Admittedly, they do look to be based on the Nike Dunk but without the trademark swoosh on the side there is little chance of confusion.

The blue sneaker heels were available via Milanoo for $59.99 but are currently unavailable as at November 2014. Meanwhile to shop sexy shoes at Milanoo, go here or see our other articles about sneaker heels.

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