Work pumps from the Kardashian Kollection

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Kardashian shoesIt is by no means an every day occurrence, but I think the Kardashians might just have dished up something useful. That something is a pair of stylish 4 inch pumps (perfect for work) with a fashionable shape and a reasonable price tag.

While part of me wonders whether the Kardashian sisters even know about this classic pointed pump’s existence (it retails from the Australian-based shoe arm of the Kardashian Kollection’s empire) I think it’s rather nice and – unlike many things that family does – actually deserves a mention. The shoe is called Lasrie and it features a croc accented back half with a plain front which is cut a little like the famous asymmetric pump from Zara.

Lasrie has a fashionable d’Orsay open arch and is also available in a tan version which emphasises the color block look of the shoe. It retails from the Australian-based Kardashian Kollection website for US$102.57. The website is currently offering free shipping to the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Kardashian Kollection shoes

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