Lipstick kissed high heels are good, clean, cost effective fun

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Lipstick shoesI do like a shoe that makes me laugh, and by that I mean makes me laugh in a good way. We feature our measure of “ha ha” shoes on this website (those that should have would-be wearers saying “HTF am I meant to walk in those” for instance) and probably too many laughable price tags (my personal favourite being the Kanye West x Giuseppe Zanotti heels which cost nearly $6,000 and were dog-ugly anyway). But I am not talking about any of that.

The smile-invoking shoes that are on my radar today are a pair of fun platforms highlighted by bright red lipstick kisses on the front of each shoe. The absurdity that kiss marks would actually end up on the front of a  pair of stilettos simply amuses me (I accept there are no doubt countless websites to visit if you want to see women kissing each other’s shoes, but they are not this one). That and the fact that bright-red lipstick kisses usually mean “fun” and “party” (occasionally they may mean “mentally disturbed middle-aged aunt who lives alone” but I’m not going there) makes them worth celebrating.

It may even be that the decorative marking on these heels is not a kiss but a pair of lips. In which case, these are the heels that grin back at you. Whatever. Anyhow the shoes have a price tag of $52.95 from StylishPlus, which should bring a smile to anyone’s face. That low price also makes these shoes our High Heel Bargain of the Week.

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