Extreme Di Marni high heels are handmade in Ukraine

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Di Marni high heelsShoe designer Aina Gasse has been creating and manufacturing extreme high heels under the brand name Di Marni since the year 2000. Di Marni specialises in enormous heels of up to 6 inches, often on needle thin spike stilettos such as the shoes we have featured in this article. The Manx by Di Marni heels pictured above are a little more modest: they vary in heel height between 4.6 inches and 5.2 inches depending on size.

Di Marni‘s high heels are all handmade in Ukraine from leather, with the production time varying between 15 and 65 days. The brand describes itself as “not afraid to experiment with new styles, unusual materials and colors,” and quality of materials and workmanship is also a point of pride. They are designed to be a luxury item – the black Manx stilettos pictured above cost €375 per pair (about US$630).

Di Marni makes its heels in Ukraine and maintains an office in Russia, but the brand does not retail online itself. The biggest range of Di Marni heels online can be found at retailer Charlotte Luxury.

Check out more pictures of Di Marni heels below including the red platform pair immediately following. They are called Öxia and retail for €450. The heel height of these pumps goes up to 6 inches for larger sizes.

Di Marni stilettos

Di Marni shoes

Di Marni heels

Di Marni