Gianmarco Lorenzi’s new website: weird

Gianmarco Lorenzi

We waited an age for Gianmarco Lorenzi’s website to relaunch itself but the day finally came at the end of April 2014. The site had been dead for over a year and so I was kind of thinking that the relaunch might be remarkable. And so it was. But so not in a good way. … Read more

Brian Atwood resort 2014

The magic starts with a sketch. A Brian Atwood collection starts with the shoe designer extraordinaire sitting down at his sketching desk in his Milan design studio. The desk is crowded with coloured pens and pencils, fabric samples and – naturally – high heels. Framed pictures line the walls. There are many bookcases too, no … Read more

The high heeled handbag for the woman who loves both

widow high heeled handbag

I suppose this was inevitable: we love heels and we love handbags, so why not a combo of both? The Widow high heeled handbag is the work of home and decor designer and creater Peter Jakubik. It’s made from mahogany cowhide by a handmade leather moulding technique for the shoe and bag lover who is looking … Read more

Introducing Christian Louboutin’s collection for spring 2013


This year Christian Louboutin has been drip-feeding his Spring collection piece by piece through his e-boutique, rather than release the whole collection at once. Plenty of nice pieces have surfaced though, including this Kimpa 5 inch python sandal which is available from Christian Louboutin for $1,495. The advertising campaign to accompany the collection uses a fishing theme, … Read more

High heel paintings by Mark Schwartz

Mark Schwartz high heeled art

Shoe designer and artist Mark Schwartz has been producing unique and vibrant paintings of high heels for over 30 years. Mentored by stiletto designer Roger Vivier and artist Andy Warhol, Mark has created his own niche by using his trained eye and paintbrush to capture the stunning essence of  some very sexy shoes. We sat … Read more

High heel paintings inspired by cocktails

The Usual Suspects is a series of paintings of decadent high heels inspired by cocktails. The series includes such delights as Day Dream (above), with the heel of the shoe giving the allure of a champagne flute. Day Dream is inspired by ingredients of champagne, curaçao, gin, vermouth, white grape juice. Furthermore, who could resist a margarita – inspired … Read more

High heel art: Shoe Fleur

Shoe Fleur, by renowned photographer Michel Tcherevkoff, is a remarkable collection of high heel art. In a style the photographer calls “reality with a twist,” each item is compiled from one species, with the flower photographed in a number of different ways and then the images are then photoshopped to produce a beautiful piece of high heeled … Read more

Cinderella’s Alibi by Angela Makeever

Model Angela Makeever wrote this poem to address the age-old question “Why Do Women Wear High Heels?” The accompanying image is courtesy of Doina Ciobanu, whose fabulous fashion blog is called The Golden Diamonds. Cinderella’s Alibi I like the tick and tock of the walk Left over right follows the line of chalk. Hips sway a … Read more

High heel art: Rene Ackermann

A long overdue addition to our high heel art section tops today’s news, complete with our model interview of Rene Ackermann! Welcome and thanks for sharing your photograph. Do you mind telling us a little about who you are and what you do? Rene: I am South African and I live in sunny Norway. … Read more

High heel art: Gina – Queen of Heels

Gina – Queen of Heels is a high heel collector, model and enthusiast. She recently spoke with us about her love of high heels and more. Welcome to and thanks for sharing your picture with us. Do you mind telling us a little about yourself? Gina: I´m a 35 year old shoe collector. … Read more