Trend alert: Tony Bianco does leather mules

Tony Bianco mules

Fashion may be cyclical but we’ve waiting a looooong time for the high heeled mule to make a comeback. In fact if you leave aside Peggy Bundy’s fixation with these clacky creations, it’s been about fifty years since the mule last ruled. Long beloved in the bedroom, the one-strap wonder is now officially street-wear again. As … Read more

New black and white boots from Tony Bianco

Tony Bianco boots

A friend of mine suggested that these new black and white boots could suit female Imperial Biker Scouts – assuming such things existed – from the Star Wars films. What’s that – Star Wars? Bored already? Yup, me too. Anyhow these Averty ankle boots aren’t boring at all, at least not in this white Chicago … Read more