Hot or Not? “F**k You” Pumps

We’ve heard of “f*ck me pumps” (a.k.a. known as FMPs), but Massimo Dogana’s F**ck YOU pumps turn the concept on it’s head in a very literal way. While, FMPs are inviting and alluring, these high heels seemed to tell the viewer to keep their distance! We’re not sure about the aesthetics of these, but they … Read more

Hot or Not: High Heeled Sneakers

If you are truly devoted to high heels (and I know a lot of us here are), you will find a way to wear them with as much of your wardrobe as possible. So what about those days when you want to be sporty chic? The Mariah Carey types of the world might not mind … Read more

Hot or Not? Curved Heels

In a market flooded options it’s important for shoe designers to distinguish themselves among the field. Walter Steiger has done this with his trademark curved high heels. Yet while the style is sure to standout, does it do so in a good way? Let us know what you think! Are curved heel hot or not? … Read more

Hot or Not: Velvet Heels?

Velvet apparel is sweeping the fashion world right now and, of course, shoes are no exception. A pair of velvet pumps adds a little sumptuous texture to an outfit and the fabric is especially appropriate for festive occasions. Still, the trend is one that’s definitely temporary. What do you think? Are velvet heels Hot or … Read more

Heels with Chunky Soles: Hot or Not?

We’ve seen plenty of chunky heels and they’re cute, but there’s a new trend brewing that we’re not so sure about: chunky soles. And we don’t mean the thick tread that you see on hiking boots. The look appeared first with avante garde labels like in the Maison Martin Margiela pumps you see above. But … Read more