Daniel Craig Wears Heels for Equality PSA

James Bond is always surrounded by beautiful women. And those beautiful women often have beautiful shoes. But have you ever imagined 007 donning his lovers’ shoes? Well now you don’t have to. Daniel Craig, the latest actor to play the famous casanova, stars in a public service announcement about gender equality. The PSA in narrated … Read more

Japan Group Takes Legal Action for Men in Heels

In recent years there’s been an surge in the number of men that wear heels as a part of their public wardrobe. Opinions vary on the trend, but now there’s a group in Japan that’s making it a legal matter. Led by Masahiko Nagamoto, The Japanese Institute of Short Men are lobbying their national government … Read more

Billionaire Branson to Wear High Heels

Billionaire Richard Branson loves to be photographed with pretty blondes in high heels, but now it seems the Virgin Airlines owner will be the one wearing the heels. According to reports, Branson lost a bet against AirAsia executive Tony Fernandes that means that the entrepreneur will have to serve an AirAsia flight wearing an attendant … Read more