Japan Group Takes Legal Action for Men in Heels

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In recent years there’s been an surge in the number of men that wear heels as a part of their public wardrobe. Opinions vary on the trend, but now there’s a group in Japan that’s making it a legal matter. Led by Masahiko Nagamoto, The Japanese Institute of Short Men are lobbying their national government to make ridiculing men who wear heels a crime.

“Heels have long been the domain of women, but all we ask is that should a man choose to wear them, there is none of the pointing and name calling,” said Nagamoto. “We wish to have this enshrined in Japanese law. As illegal as discriminating against people for being gay or occidental.”

According to the reports, Japan’s culture historically takes the matter of public ridicule very harshly with those on the losing frequently going so far as committing suicide.

And Nagamoto isn’t stopping his efforts at promoting the acceptance of beautiful high heels on men. He’s going for the whole cross-gender package.

“Should I be successful,” he said, “I will be campaigning for the unisexing of skirts and makeup. Both of which I like. But not in a gay way.”

via TheSpoof.com, photo: collegecandy.com