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9 things every woman should own according to Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin pigalleDesigner Christian Louboutin has been asked to name 9 things that every woman should own and, not surprisingly, he has nominated a pair of his own high heels for inclusion. What might be surprising though is that only one pair of high heels are included in Louboutin’s list and 7 of the 9 items are not even shoes.

The high heels Louboutin nominated are his iconic Pigalles. “Simple and balanced. I’ve never seen someone who didn’t look good in it,” the designer said. While very popular in their original black, the Pigalle now comes in a whole range of colors, including pivoine  (above, US$625 from Louboutin).

Flats by Christian LouboutinLouboutin also included a pair of flats in his list of 9 things, of his own design, naturally. The Copt flats (above) are included “to add a little pop of color to your look” and are collectors items at US$1,895.

Bag by Christian LouboutinThe other 7 things that Christian Louboutin said that every woman should own were:

  •  A case of Chateau Petit-Village wine
  • Moroccan argan oil for hair
  • French hosiery from Sabbia Rosa
  • A DVD library
  • Christian Louboutin Artemis Bag (collectors edition above, US$2,995)
  • Burlesque and the Art of the Teese by Dita Von Teese, and
  • A pencil skirt by Azzedine Alaia

Behind the Scenes with Louboutin

Christian Louboutin is a fascinating figure in the world of high fashion footwear. His shoes – particularly the high heels – are among the most coveted in the business, seen often on the feet of celebrities, first ladies, and others who have access to all the best things in the world. Louboutin heels are always exquisitely made with designs that range from basic black to wildly ornate and colorful. But no matter the design, you’ll always know a Louboutin heel by the tell tale red sole peeking out from beneath the shoe.

In the video below the designer is profiled as part of CNN’s “Icon” series. Check it out for a peek inside the iconic designer’s world. You’ll find out some of the surpriseing sources of inspiration for the designer and see shoes being made in his Paris workshop. If you weren’t already intrigued by the cultural juggernaut that is the Louboutin brand, you will be after this.


photo: myfashionlife.com

Heels in Print: Blue Suede Shoes

Model Naty Chabanenko apprears in a spread shot by photographer Yasunari Kikuma for the March 2011 issue of Numero Tokyo. The mood of the shoot is very glam – a little bit ’70s, a little bit pin-up girl. The clothes are pretty, but what really stood out where these two pair of bright blue suede high heels.

Above are the fringed Louboutin platform pumps that we’ve seen a million times on a number of celebs. But in this electric color they look new about fresh! Below are a pair of laser cut peep-toe booties by Sergio Rossi. See the rest of the spread at FashionGoneRogue.

Turns out blue suede shoes are pretty popular this season and you can find them in an assortment of styles and at pretty much any price point. Check out a little sample below. Photos via polyvore.com

The Look for Less: LeAnn Rimes in ‘Toutenkaboucle’ Sandals

Ok, we know we’ve been doing a little too much Christain Louboutin lately, but we couldn’t resist this one. And after all, the man IS the king of high heels at the moment. Survey any red carpet and you’ll see that’s true! And when it comes to celebs you don’t even have to wait for a special occasion. Singer LeAnn Rimes was spotted out recently wearing these gorgeous “Toutenkaboucle” sandals by Louboutin.

The pair are so perfect for that warmish weather, casual-yet-chic look. The neutral color makes them capable of going with anything, while the ankle strap and 6 inch heel make them incredibly sexy. They are definitely drool-worthy, but with a retail price of $995 they might not fit into your spring wardrobe budget. That’s where HHD is here to help! Score a style like this – neutral tone, buckles, ankle strap, platform, and high heel – for just $65 when you opt for the Very Volatile “Margarita” sandal from PiperlimeTop photos via justjared.buzznet.com & saksfifthavenue.com

Introducing the ‘Blake’ by Louboutin

Last December we reported on TV star Blake Lively’s Louboutin shopping spree, during which the actress bought an astounding 40 pairs of heels in one swoop. Not long before news had hit that the “Gossip Girl” would have the honor of having a pair of shoes designed by Christian Louboutin named after her!

We had a sneak peak of the Blake in December, but here’s the official unveiling of the shoe. It’s got patent leather rainbow straps with a sexy, black, stiletto heel. According to reports, the shoe will be available in the US and the UK in March 2011 and will retail for $1,020. What do you think? Drool-worthy or no?

Christian Louboutin Thinks Barbie is ‘Fat’

Despites spending decades as the ultimate symbol of unattainable female beauty, there are some that think that Barbie could still to be slimmer. Specifically, around the ankles… Famed shoe designer Christain Louboutin has before designed limited editions Barbie dolls. For his latest edition, due out this May, Louboutin commanded the reshaping of the long legged blond because “he found her ankles were too fat.” Yes, this is a true story. via WWD.com

photos: awomanandhershoes.com, paranoya86 @ flickr

Increase Wedge Comfort with a Platform

Wedges are a great way to get a super high heel with a little extra support under your foot. However, you have a super high wedge that the Alexander Wang “Kasia” sandal shown above you might find yourself feeling like you are only walking on your tip-toes all day. The same goes for the Christain Louboutin “Panier 120” wedges below. Beautiful shoes, but definitely meant for sitting – not standing or walking.

If comfort’s not an issue for you, feel free to indulge in the above lovelies. However, if you want a little more freedom to be both cute and comfy, look for a wedge that has a platform. This allows you to get the height without such a steep incline on your foots. Diane von Furstenberg’s ‘Opal” wedges below have a modest platform, but it’s enough to make the shoes more wearable. Next, the “Agadir” espadrilles by Yves Saint Laurent are the kind of sandals that give you the height you crave while being comfortable enough to walk around in for a while.

Blake Lively’s Louboutin Shopping Spree

Christian Louboutin makes the quintessential fashionista high heels and his shoes are celebrity favorites. But how many Loubs does one girl need? The infamous Imelda Marcos let us know that shoe passion knows no limits, but even those with incredible collections usually acquire them little by little. But not actress, Blake Lively!

The “Gossip Girl” star reportedly purchased 40 pairs of Louboutins during one intense shopping spree. Though the bulk purchase was made at a sample sale, experts still estimate that Lively still probably spent about $9,000. The actress, who said she was also buying gifts for friends has the distinction of having a pair of Louboutin heels named after her! See them below. Top image via footwear.matters.com

Louboutins Without the Red Sole

Christian Louboutin makes quite possibly the most popular high heels on the market today. In fact, the trademark red soles of the shoes are, for some, as important as the style of the shoe themselves. Many brand-conscious fashionistas take pride in striding down the street with that bit of bright color peeking out from under their feet. So it’s a surprising twist to see a pair of Louboutin pumps without the red sole! The “Bianca” patent leather platform pumps do just that. That is in the black versions have a black sole. The shoe is also available in beige and pink – both of which have the standard red sole. Do you think people will still love to pay the $735 price tag for the shoe without the trademark?