Would you pay $3,250 for a pair of Jimmy Choos?

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Jimmy Choo pumps

Eat your heart out Cinderella because we’ve just found the ultimate princess shoe, and it’s Jimmy Choo’s new “Tia” pump. Currently available for pre-order through Neiman Marcus, the shoe also comes with a princess-like price tag: $3,250.

Now I love shoes and we all love Choos, but that’s still a stonkering amount of hard-earned coin just to get a girl to the ball.

The expensive part of “Tia” is the mixed-facet shimmering crystals which cover the napa leather upper. The 5 inch gold metallic heel is also a beautiful feature of this pointed toe pump.

What more do we need to say? The shoe speaks for itself. It’s beautiful, but at $3,250 I’ll sadly be admiring it from afar.

Jimmy Choo heels

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