Platforms – the shoe trend that Paris Hilton loves and Manolo Blahnik hates!

platform high heels

If you want to get *really* high on heels then there’s a simple answer: platforms! Combined with a high heel, a platform can add many inches of height but without the pain from a really high spike stiletto. The key to these awesome leather ankle-strap stilettos is indeed in the platform. While the heel is 7.9 … Read more

Marvelous in Magenta

Ah, Jimmy Choo. If you could have just one of his iconic shoes in your closet which would it be? We reckon these drop dead gorgeous Magenta lovelies would have to be pretty close to the top of the list. Elegant and unendingly chic, the Lang patent leather sandals are power lunches, brunches with the … Read more

Jimmy Choo’s Mei – the practical, designer work pump

Jimmy Choo Mei

Jimmy Choo has always done contemporary so well. With the new Mei heel, the label is setting the fashion agenda, re-introducing the almond toe shape after many years of pointy toe domination. And with a 3 inch set-back heel, this Italian-made shoe seems perfect for the office. What could brighten up a dull Monday better than a … Read more

Jimmy Choo’s Denial is sexy and practical

Jimmy Choo high heels

Earlier this year we raved about Jimmy Choo’s new Tarida single-soled, simple slingback: what could be better than this, we asked? Not much perhaps, but Choo has now perhaps come up with something equal for the label’s Winter 2014 collection. This latest sexy slingback is called Denial, and it differs from Tarida in that it has a more … Read more

Where can I buy discount Jimmy Choos online?

discount jimmy choos

Many high-end labels seem to frown upon using discount sites to clear excess stock. One reason may be that really hot-selling labels would rather produce a limited number of heels and keep the demands (and their profits) high. Another reason may be the risk of counterfeiting: as soon as a brand increases the number of … Read more

How much do Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik REALLY care about comfort?

Back in April 2012 poor old Christian Louboutin was quoted as telling Grazia that he had “not so much sympathy” for women wearing his designer high heels. “High heels are pleasure with pain. If you can’t walk in them, don’t wear them,” Christian thundered, causing a predictable outcry. This followed 2011’s hullabaloo when Christian told … Read more

What is the hardest high heel shoe to make according to leading shoe designers?

high heels daily

Here’s a little something that might well surprise you: according to leading shoemakers, the hardest high heel shoe to make is actually the one that looks the most simple. Believe it or not, those in charge of high heel design at Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo have both labelled the classic, high heeled pump as … Read more

Nicole Kidman models Jimmy Choo’s new rope knee-high sandals for Spring / Summer 2014

Nicole Kidman in rope sandals for Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo’s Catwalk Collection for Spring / Summer 2014 has arrived in store, and there are some hawt numbers included. None more than Keane, the bondage-sexy knee-high rope sandals which we’ve featured above. The intricate knotting details which comprise the uppers of these €1,395 high heel sandals are hand-constructed entirely from rope, but Jimmy Choo promises they … Read more

Metallic Jimmy Choo slingbacks, because you can never have too much of a good thing

If the new metallic Tilly slingbacks from Jimmy Choo’s spring / summer 2014 collection have a hint of familiarity about them, then that is no bad thing. Tilly is a beautiful slingback, in fashionable metallic finishings and with a practical 3.5 inch heel. All of which reminds me of the India slingbacks from Choo which were … Read more