Stainless steel and sterling silver stilettos

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high heels in the poseIt’s difficult not to be enchanted or at least bemused by the cray cray shoe artists at House of Borgezie. Would madam like to pay US$155,000 for a pair of 30 carat diamond stilettos? Certainly. How about heels made from platinum (platinum!) for a mere US$100,000? Why the hell not?

Those figures make the new stainless steel and sterling silver stilettos from Borgezie more difficult to say than the price tag is to stomach. The shoe is known as the Borgezie Riviera Stiletto and it costs £995 (about US$1,680). Expensive – yes, but cheap for a Borgezie heel and cheap for a shoe that is unique in that it is allegedly  “built to last forever.”

How long forever is could be a matter of conjecture, although the website states 1,000 years for the steel and silver bits. As for the heel and sole (which have a more finite life) it is said that these can easily be removed and replaced apparently. A “limitless supply” of heels and soles in included in the price tag.

As for design features, the shoe promises comfort with a unique “slope away design” engineered to ensure that the leading edges of the steel actually slope away from any contact with the heel or toes (because in a stainless steel v foot war, there will only be one winner and it will not be animate).

The Borgezie Riviera stainless steel and sterling silver stiletto is available from House of Borgezie now (the details for sales and general inquiries are here).

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